New Veterinary Feed Directive

Just released from Bernadette (Bernie) O’Rourke, UW-Extension Youth Livestock Specialist, is the latest information on the VFD:

Starting Jan.1, 2017, in order to use feed antibiotics you will need a veterinary prescription in order to do so – not over the counter.  This change DOES NOT apply to injectables.

There is a 4 Page pdf document that can be accessed at:

AND there has already been an update from FDA dated December 2, 2016 for minor species (Minor species are defined as animals other than cattle, horses, swine, chickens, turkeys, dogs, and cats).  This update is also listed on this website as well as an FDA  youtube video link for more detailed information.

So get informed NOW about how this directive and how it will affect your feeding protocols in 2017. Check out the website so that you won’t be surprised later!

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