Private Pesticide Applicator Training & Certification

The Training Manual for the Private Pesticide Applicator, 7th Edition can be purchased at the UW-Extension Office in the Shawano County Courthouse, 311 North Main Street, Room 101, Shawano. Cost of the manual is $40, due upon receipt. This cost also includes the book, Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops, 2018.

After purchasing your exam, please complete the Training Registration Form found immediately following the front cover; it will be collected at the time you take your examination. However, do NOT remove the Training Registration Form from the manual until asked to do so.

 To prepare for the exam, please read page vii, How to Pass the Certification Exam. Each chapter begins with learning objectives covering subject areas you will be tested on and ends with a worksheet to review your subject knowledge. Also, please read Appendix F, Tips on Taking the Certification Exam.

You may attend an optional training session conducted by the Shawano County Extension Office on Monday, January 21st at Shawano City Hall (Community Room) or WEDNESDAY, February 13th at Shawano-City County Library (Engel Room-basement). Both sessions begin with registration at 9:45 AM and class at 10:00 AM. You must bring your training manual, a photo ID, and a calculator to the training session. **A list of additional training sessions offered in surrounding counties can be found on the back of this sheet.** These training sessions supplement the information found in your manual, but are not a substitute for reading the manual itself. If you attend a training session, a minimum score of 50% is required to pass your certification exam.

If you choose not to attend a training session, you must achieve a minimum score of 70% to pass your certification exam. When choosing the self-study option, you must schedule an appointment to take your exam by calling the Shawano County UW-Extension office at (715) 526-6136. Please bring your training manual, a photo ID, and calculator with you to your exam.

Please note…DATCP will send your exam score by mail. This can take up to 30 days, depending on the time of year when you test.


Wisconsin now requires that any person taking a certification exam must provide positive identification (a driver’s license is most common) and their social security number. You must bring this identification to the training session. Other acceptable forms of ID are: 1. A photo ID 2. Birth Certificate plus another form of ID 3. Social Security Number.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Kimberly Kassube, Shawano County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent at (715) 526-6136.

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