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Installation Ceremonies

Leaders looking for some new ideas for installation of officers should check out http://www.4h.missouri.edu/resources/materials/docs/LG800.pdf for some great ideas. They also have an initiation ceremony as a welcome for new members availalbe at LG801.pdf


Don’t Like How Things Are Done?

There are always better ways to get things done.  There may be times when you feel that you could make things run better.  But maybe you are new to 4-H or unaware of how to have your voice heard.  We have a system in place to accommodate suggestions for change, as shown below:

  1. Most concerns should be brought to the attention of the appropriate fair superintendent or 4-H Key Committee Chairperson first.  Small matters might possibly be dealt with very quickly this way.
  2. Some concerns may need to be addressed by an entire Key Committee.  If so, the Key Committee Chairperson will put this on the next meeting agenda.  You should plan on attending that next meeting to express your concerns, and be willing to volunteer your time to be part of the solution. Concerns raised with no offer of help to rectify the situation often “fall by the wayside”.
  3. Depending on the situation, a Key Committee may decide to forward a concern to the Shawano County 4-H Executive Board and UW-Extension staff.  Issues that could potentially affect the entire 4-H program need to be addressed by the Executive Board and/or Shawano County  4-H Leaders, Inc. (our adult Leaders Association) and UWEX staff.
  4. County Fair related issues often need to be brought to the Shawano Area Agricultural Society and/or the Shawano County Agriculture and Extension Education Committee.  The Ag and Extension Education Committee is a committee of the Shawano County Board of Supervisors, and this committee oversees the county UW-Extension program (of which 4-H is a part).

Each group will contact you to provide information regarding your comments or concerns.  Should you not be satisfied, they will send your comments to the next group in the “chain”.  Following these steps in this order insures that your comments will receive the attention you feel they should.

When expressing your questions or concerns, please remember to set a good example for our kids.  Please make your comments constructive, concise and factual.  If you are not aware of all the facts, please ask the appropriate people to learn them.  Don’t let opinions, gossip and accusations get in the way.   Also, if you are unable to attend the respective committee meeting in person or are uncomfortable in making your comments to the group, please send a signed letter to the UWEX office and your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate committee shown above.  Note that unsigned letters will be discarded.


Adventures in Dairyland Teachers Needed

This program, focusing on WI agriculture, is taught to every 4th grade in Shawano County. Terri is looking for volunteers to assist in various school districts throughout the county. You do NOT have to come from a farm, but simply have an interest in teaching 4th graders about cows and agriculture.  If you are interested but feel you would like to see it first hand before you commit, contact Terri and observing times can be set up.  School districts that could use some extra help include:  Wittenberg-Birnamwood, Marion, Pulaski and Gresham.  Many of these also work with the local FFA students who do the bulk of the teaching but adults are needed just as an extra resource to be in the room.  Others need a teacher for the class.
The program runs for 10 days (45-60 minutes each day) in each district – which can be determined jointly by the classroom and adventures teachers.  If you are interested in becoming part of this fun project, or know of someone else who might be, give Terri a call at 526-6136.

Chaperone Opportunities

Wisconsin 4-H is looking for chaperones for  National  trips.  There are opportunities available for Citizenship Washington Focus, National 4-H Congress, National 4-H Dairy Conference, U.S. Space Camp. Applicants must be at least 21 years old and certified Wisconsin 4-H Leaders.  All chaperone expenses are covered.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities, call the UW-Extension office for more information or check out www.uwex.edu/ces/4h/events/index.cfm for an application.  Due: March 1.

Leaders, Parents and Guardians:
During 2005, Shawano County 4-H Leaders, Inc. developed and adopted a policy on Alcohol, Tobacco and any illegal substances.  This was in response to a few instances where adults should have used some restraint in their actions.  Please read the policy below and just keep in mind that alcohol, tobacco and any illegal substances are not to be consumed by 4-H leaders, parents or guardians at 4-H events.  If anyone has any questions please contact Joe Stellato at 715-526-6136.  Leaders, please make sure that all adults connected with your club are aware of our policy.

Shawano County 4-H Leaders, Inc. policy on alcohol, tobacco and any illegal substances: The Shawano County 4-H Program is designed to support the positive and successful development of all youth.  4-H leaders, parents and all other cooperating adults are essential partners in creating a positive environment by focusing on the strengths of youth and providing positive ways for youth to meet their four basic needs:  Caring Relationships (Belonging), Constructive Learning Experiences (Mastery), Leadership Opportunities (Independence) and Service to Communities (Generosity).  In Addition, 4-H strives to promote healthy lifestyles.

To facilitate positive youth development and encourage youth to engage in positive, healthy activities and social events, it is the policy of Shawano County 4-H Leaders, Inc. that alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances are not allowed at any 4-H sponsored events on the club, county, state or national level.  All adults and 4-H members attending 4-H events are expected to refrain from consuming alcohol, smoking, using smokeless tobacco products and consuming any illegal substances at 4-H events.  This includes 4-H softball games, dances, club meetings, project meetings, club achievement banquets, field trips, county fair activities, state fair activities, camping trips, etc.

Exceptions to this policy could include:

  • Legal use in designated areas separate from 4H Activities and separate from direct supervision or observation of 4H members attending such activities. (Example:  On midway during County or State Fair, in private vehicle, in separate public bar areas or private hotel rooms.)
  • Legal use while in the presence of your own children who are 4-H members, in areas separate from 4-H activities.

It is further expected that adults will not supervise 4H Activities while under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

Any questions on this policy should be directed to the Shawano County University of Wisconsin Extension Office at 311 North Main St,  Shawano, WI   54166.  Phone 715-526-6136


Forms & Applications

Shawano County 4-H Leaders, Inc. Minutes

2017 Key Committee Contact listing




Tips for General Leaders (word doc, 72KB)

Roles and Responsibilities (word doc, 26.5KB)

By-Laws of 4-H Leaders Inc. (word doc, 41.5KB)

Procedure for Handling Grievances (word doc, 8.39KB)


Looking for a creative way to teach your club officers about leadership? Find resources to help at: http://4h.uwex.edu/clubs/leadership.cfm

Shawano County 4H Program is on Facebook!


If you have any questions regarding 4-H Youth Development in Shawano County, please contact:



Megan Suehring 4-H Positive Youth Development Educator
Shawano County Courthouse
311 North Main Street, Room 101
Shawano, WI 54166
Phone: 715-526-4869
Fax: 715-526-4875
Email: megan.suehring@co.shawano.wi.us
Terri Brunner Terri Brunner, 4-H Educator
Shawano County Courthouse
311 N Main Street, Room 101
Shawano, WI 54166-2198
Phone: 715-526-6136
Fax: 715-526-4875
Email: terri.brunner@co.shawano.wi.us
Charlotte Charlotte Schwartz,  Office Assistant
Shawano County Courthouse
311 N Main Street, Room 101
Shawano, WI 54166-2198
Phone: 715-526-6136
Fax: 715-526-4875
Email: charlotte.schwartz@co.shawano.wi.us



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