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Dr. Barbara Ingham’s Blog

Dr. Ingham is a Food Science Professor, Extension Food Safety Specialist at the University of Wisconsin. You can email Dr. Ingham at or check out her web site at:

  • Possible link to Salmonella and sprouts January 22, 2018
    At least two cases of illness in Wisconsin have been linked to a possible outbreak of disease from Salmonella. The investigation is tied to the Jimmy John’s sandwich chain and specifically to sprouted seeds (sprouts) served by the restaurant.  As a result, on Saturday (January 20, 2018), Jimmy John’s pulled sprouts from the menu at […]
    Barb Ingham
  • Dozens of Brands of Ice Cream Bars Recalled for Listeria January 16, 2018
    A Listeria-related ice cream bar recall that started January 5, 2018 with less than 400 cases of frozen treats now includes additional flavors and brands, totaling close to 29,000 cases of ice cream bars sent to more than 35 retail chains across the country. No illnesses have been confirmed in connection with the ice cream […]
    Barb Ingham
  • Source of E. coli Outbreak Remains a Mystery (Romaine Lettuce OK to Consume) January 16, 2018
    Canadian officials have declared an illness outbreak linked to romaine lettuce over, and, while U.S. officials are continuing to investigate the deadly foodborne illness outbreak that they believe is linked to leafy greens, officials acknowledge that there is little remaining danger from this outbreak and consumers no longer need to avoid leafy greens (inclu […]
    Barb Ingham
  • Expanded Recall: Ice Cream Bars and Biscuits (frozen, bagged) January 10, 2018
    Risk of illness is back in the news with an expanded, nationwide recall of ice cream bars and another recall of frozen buttermilk biscuits.  IIn addition a recall announced earlier this week of 12-count containers of orange cream bars, Fieldbrook Foods Corporation has issued a voluntary recall of all chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars […]
    Barb Ingham
  • Is refined coconut oil a healthy choice? January 9, 2018
    There’s been almost an explosion of products available in the grocery store containing coconut oil and other coconut by-products. Is coconut oil a healthy choice? Coconut oil is a plant-based fat that is about 90% saturated, higher than butter or the fat associated with meats, and much higher than other plant-based fats such as olive […]
    Barb Ingham

Educators Cry ‘Fowl’ Over Turkey Safety Mistakes
When you think “Thanksgiving”, what comes to mind? Turkey! According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), more than 45 million turkeys are cooked and eaten in the United States at Thanksgiving. That number represents one-sixth of all the turkeys sold in the U.S. each year. With that many turkeys, there’s bound to be a few fiascos on the festive day. Click here for more information.
Pickle Bill Eases Regulation on Small Growers & Home Canners
The new law would allow individuals to sell home canned fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and other community events without obtaining an expensive food processing license. To learn more on what Assembly Bill 229 referred to as the ‘Pickle Bill’ covers please visit the website below:
Is the Changing Economy Affecting Your Budget?
With the ever changing economy, take advantage of the following resources to help you save money and make the upcoming winter a little more manageable with information on: When Prices Rise: Living Within Your Income, Tips to Help Lower the Grocery Bill and Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage.
FREE Canner Gauge Testing Available
This is the season for canning fruits and vegetables. Dial gauges should be tested every year to make sure they are accurate and at the right pound of pressure. The Shawano County UW-Extension office, 311 North Main Street, Rm 101, Shawano will test dial gauges at no charge anytime of the year. To make an appointment, call (715) 526-6136 to set up a time to have your canner cover tested. Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Food Storage Information
Do you ever wonder how long you can store canned foods, frozen foods, baking products, and other food items? The following web site should help you answer some of these questions:
New Guide to Alzheimer’s Caregiving from the National Institutes of Health
NIH has come out with an excellent, simple, easy to ready guide for those caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. It is also comprehensive, from dealing with financial issues through wandering and medical conditions in its 140+ pages.
Food Safety Tips for Seniors – What to Keep, What to Toss
A lot has changed over your lifetime – including the way food is produced and distributed. It used to be that food was produced close to where people lived. Many people shopped daily, and prepared and ate their food at home. Eating in restaurants was saved for special occasions. Today, food in your local grocery store comes from all over the world. And nearly 50 percent of the money we spend on food goes to buy food that others prepare, like “carry out” and restaurant meals.
Food safety Tips for Seniors (pdf, 277KB)

Check out this PSA on safe sleeping for your infant. For more information on where  to receive a free crib visit

For more information on Cribs for Kids click here.


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