Food Preservation


The UW-Extension strongly encourages everyone to review your Food Preservation Recipes and Books. In 1994, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) published their Complete Guide to Home Canning. At this time, significant changes were made to canning tomatoes, pickles, and meat processing. Also, other recipes were reviewed for safety and food quality and updated.

Things To Remember:

  • follow recipe exactly
  • measure ingredients accurately
  • Gramma’s pickles may be great but new recipes have been tested.





Click on these publications quick access, you can also order them on-line or pick them up at the Shawano County UW-Extension Office:

We also offer the following information in our UW-Extension office:

  • Making and Preserving Apple Cider
  • Have a Wisconsin Apple
  • Homemade Ice Cream
  • Freezing of Poultry
  • Drying Foods at Home
  • Selecting a Dehydrator
  • Freezing and Drying Herbs
  • Making Cheese
  • Making Butter
  • Making Cottage Cheese
  • Making Yogurt, Sour Cream, and Buttermilk
  • Pickling and Preserving Eggs
  • Let’s Preserve Fruit Pie Filling
  • Let’s Preserve Apples
  • Let’s Preserve Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines
  • Let’s Preserve Pears
  • Let’s Preserve Sweet Corn
  • Let’s Preserve Tomatoes

In difficult economic times, hundreds of Wisconsin residents are turning to food preservation as a way to save money and ensure healthy, wholesome food for their families. For some, food preservation is a new activity, while others are returning to the practice after year away, following in the footsteps of an earlier generation.

Fresh Preservation Website An excellent virtual resource for first-time and experienced fresh preservers. offers great easy to use guides for canning and preserving. Follow at home with step-by-step videos on fresh preserving, canning, freezing and dehydrating. The site also provides recipes for preseving and utilizing fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Maple Syrup Making
This article will give you tips on sap collection, evaporation , hot packing, storage and handling of sap to make maple syrup.

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