Shawano County Fair

Shawano County Fair Tip Sheet Junior Fair Exhibitors

**This guide is especially helpful for first and second year exhibitors.


Shawano County Fair Book

The Fair Book is a 4-year edition. The latest version  is for 2014-2017.

Use the fair book given to complete your fair entry. For your convenience, the entire Fair book can be found at  including all information you need to complete your entry! Once at the site, click on “Shawano County Fair” then “premium book” in the drop down box.

PLEASE NOTE: After 2014, there may be minimal changes to the fair book. The latest version of the fair book will be online that the address above.  The online version will supercede the hard copy you may have in your possession.

Forms needed for paper entry:

ENTRY FORM (pdf) —- only if NOT submitting an online entry!

Animal ID Entry Form supplement


Supplemental Forms for specific projects

Horse Description Sheet

Goat Description Sheet

Exotic Animal Description Sheet



Junior Fair Handbook (Bluebook)

The Shawano County Fair Junior Fair Handbook will be available mid July and is routinely mailed out with the August/Sept Clover Line. If you have not received your copy or have misplaced it please follow the link to the online version.

Shawano County Junior Fair Handbook 2016


4-H Leader County Fair Pass

4-H leaders will need to fill out the Personal Activity Evaluation in order to receive a free Shawano County Fair pass. Please return this form to your Clubs’ General Leader. Deadline to turn in your form is August 1st.

4-H Leader Personal Activity Evaluation


County Fair Season Ticket Sales
The Shawano County Agricultural Society would like the assistance of all 4-H clubs in selling season tickets for the County Fair. Season tickets allow entrance plus parking into the fairgrounds as often as you need during the fair.

We hope to have tickets available at the July Leaders’ Meeting. Clubs (as of 2013) will have to pay for any and all tickets before getting them from the UWEX office. Once tickets are sold to your club, they can NOT be returned for credit.

Your club will get $ .50 commission for each ticket sold. The top-selling club will also receive $25.00. Also, the UWEX office will sell them and give your club credit as long as the purchaser mentions your club when buying.


Policy on Free Passes For Livestock/Small Animal Auction Buyers
Shawano Area Agricultural Society, the sponsors of our county fair, adopted a policy for distributing fair admission passes to animal auction buyers. All BUYERS from the previous year will receive a one-day fair pass that they can use for free admission to the fair on auction day, or any other day of the fair if they so choose.  This is a way of saying “Thank You” to committed buyers and inviting them to return the following year.  So, if you purchased an animal last year, you will receive a one-day pass to this year’s Shawano County Fair.  All buyers this year will receive a free one-day pass to next year’s County Fair, and so forth each year thereafter.

Tentative Livestock Auction LineUp – TBA



Help Needed to Assist with Fair Judging
Youth and adult volunteers are needed to help assist the fair superintendents on judging days, Saturday, Aug. 20th, Wed. thru Sat. during the fair, and release night on Monday (Labor Day) at the Court Fair. Contact Terri if interested.


Don’t Like How Things Are Done?
There are always better ways to get things done. there may be times when you feel that you could make things run better. But maybe you are new to 4-H or unaware of how to have your voice heard. We have a system in place to accommodate suggestions for change. For steps in the process please visit the Shawano County UWEX website at and click on 4-H Youth Development and go to Leader Resources.


Fair Judging – What to Expect
The fair is a great opportunity for youth to get feedback and evaluation on the projects on which they have chosen to work during the year. This experience can be both motivating and educational for 4-Hers. Critiques from judges can serve as a guide to further improvement. The judging process is probably more valuable than the award or recognition. To plan, practice, and present a finished product is to “learn by doing.”

For more information on the types of judging (Face-to-Face, Danish and conference) visit the Shawano County UWEx website at and click on 4-H Youth Development and go to the Shawano County Fair information.



Patti Pumpkin Fair Update – All 1st graders in Shawano County received Patti Pumpkin Seed Packets. Please encourage your siblings and friends to enter their pumpkins in the Shawano County Fair. Pumpkins do not have to be orange and they may be decorated – but DO NOT carve Jack-O-Lanterns.  Entry Forms are due to UW-Extension office by August 21st.  Patti Pumpkins will be displayed and judged in the Jr. Fair Building.  Entry day is Thursday, noon until 8:00pm.


Fair Entries DUE on Aug. 1st

Helpful Tips:
(4-H, FFA, FHA, Scouts, Booths etc.) entries are due by August 1st.  Get your fair entry to your leader before that date, so they come into the UWEX office together as a club.

Keep in mind the following when filling out your PAPER entry blank:

  1. Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Swine and Goat Exhibitors are to enter these animals on a separate animal entry ID form as well as the original entry form, and attach this to the original form IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING A PAPER COPY ONLY.  (You will be prompted for this information if you are completing your entry online)
  2. If you plan to enter Showmanship in any department, list it on your entry sheet.
  3. Check to be sure the classes you enter are in the same projects you are enrolled in.
  4. Check the fair book carefully for changes in entries, age classes and rules.
  5. The area you enter is the area in which the exhibit will be judged.  NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AT THE FAIR.
  6. If your club is entering a booth, please fill out a separate entry form with your club name on it.  Use the blank entry forms in your packet, copy more or pick up from UWEX office.
  7. All entry forms and processing fees are due to the UWEX office on or before August 1.
  8. Jr. Fair Entry Form is at the top of this page.

County Fair Processing Fees
Per Fair Board – A $2.00 per entrant processing fee (excluding Cloverbuds) must accompany your fair entry form ($5.00 for those with 51 or more entries).  Clubs should make one check to pay club member’s processing fees. Checks should be made out to:  Shawano Area Ag Society.


Policy on Incorrect Fair Entries
Despite everyone’s best efforts to catch them, some items are incorrectly entered in the fair. The Shawano Agricultural Society (the people who run the County Fair) asked the 4-H Leaders, Inc. for a uniform recommendation on how to handle incorrect entries. The policy adopted says that all junior entries that are entered incorrectly, will be dropped by one placing. For example, entries that would have received a blue ribbon/premium will receive a red ribbon/premium if they are entered incorrectly. We recognize that there are a few departments where this system may not be possible. In those situation, Superintendent’s discretion should be used.


Animal Testing At The Fair
At the Shawano County Fair, one class of animal species will be tested for legal and illegal drug residues, steroids, etc., by a Veterinarian appointed by the Shawano Area Agricultural Society.   The species selected and date/time of testing will NOT be announced.  A fair judge from outside the county will select the animal species to be tested.  Champions and Reserve Champions may also be tested.  So in any given year, the species selected could be sheep, swine, dairy, beef, exotic, goats, rabbits or poultry, for example.  The Veterinarian will determine which tests are to be conducted.


The Shawano Area Agricultural Society has implemented this procedure at our fair based on recommendations they received at the Wisconsin Association of Fairs Annual Meeting.  Although the vast majority of fair exhibitors are honest and play by the rules, a few cases of drug misuse pop up from time to time around the state.  This testing procedure helps to discourage any “would-be” violators.  If your animal is selected for testing, we thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Wristband Procedure at County Fair
The Shawano Area Agricultural Society is again issuing plastic wristbands in place of paper exhibitor passes.  You will leave this wristband ON during the entire fair. The wristband will identify you as an exhibitor and will be your admission pass each day. If anyone’s wristband comes off or has to be removed before the fair is over, you will need to BRING the removed wristband to the main office and get a replacement before leaving the grounds that day. As with any new procedure, please be patient….give the new gate admission system a chance to work.


Food Stand Fire Extinguishers
There are two fire extinguishers mounted on the wall by the entrance door.  The larger, SILVER-COLORED extinguisher is for GREASE FIRES ONLY!  If a fire starts on the gas grill, or in a cooking pan, this is the extinguisher to use first.  It sprays a fine mist that won’t splatter the grease around.  This fine mist will turn into a foam layer that smothers the fire. The smaller RED extinguisher is an A-B-C type and should be used for fires anywhere else in the food stand, but NOT for grease fires.  Stand at least 8 feet away from the fire, and aim the chemical foam at the BASE of the fire.  If you get closer than 8 feet away, the high pressure chemical could actually splatter burning material and spread the fire! We also have an automatic fire extinguisher system built into the hood of the gas grill where burgers are fried.  If it gets hot enough, this system will automatically turn on and coat the grill with chemical foam to smother the fire.  The hood system can also be activated by pulling a switch on the wall by the entrance door.  This switch is located just above the two wall-mounted fire extinguishers.  Do not ever pull the switch except in case of extreme fire danger.

If you have a grease fire in the cooking area, adults can try to put it out using the silver-colored fire extinguisher first.  If this doesn’t work, activate the hood system by pulling the switch on the wall, if the hood system hasn’t automatically activated yet. In case of fire, everyone should get out of and far away from the food stand.  Have someone call 911 immediately.  Only one or two adults should remain to try and put the fire out with an extinguisher.  If there’s any doubt as to whether or not it can be put out easily, that adult(s) should also get out.  The food stand can be replaced, but YOU cannot be!  SAVE and REVIEW this information whenever your Club is going to work in the food stand.

Food Stand Tips
Take a few moments to review the importance of good customer service. We all need to make sure that customers are given prompt and courteous attention. Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Assign members to certain windows, if possible (the front windows are generally more busy).
  • Have at least one adult in front to make sure all customers are waited on and to help with making change.
  • Remember, while you can chat in front when you are not busy, face the windows so you can see when someone approaches.
  • Speak loud and clear to the customers and people in the back filling orders.
  • Be polite to both the customers and those working with you. ALWAYS THANK CUSTOMERS for their purchases.
  • Above all, enjoy yourself, smile and have fun.

Fair Food Stand Funds
Leaders will soon be choosing their shifts for working at the fair food stand.  Some wonder why it is necessary to help out as you feel you don’t receive any benefits from working.  Actually, this is the major fundraiser for Shawano County 4-H Leader’s each year.  It is because of this that we don’t need to be out there selling candy bars, pizzas or any of the other numerous possibilities.  Funds here help pay for:

  • Sponsorships for campers and award trip recipients
  • Funds for educational grants to key committees for their events
  • Literature used by members, the fee you pay for books is discounted from full price
  • Volunteer background checks which cost $7 per leader. Mandatory on each leader every 4 years.  Each year we have between 60-70 volunteers to be re-checked.
  • Awards and discounts on meals at the annual 4-H experience.
  • Support for the Adventures in Dairyland Program, a two week curriculum offered to 4th grade classrooms throughout the county by 4-H leaders & FFA members.
  • Many other incidental expenses we don’t need to pass along to the members because this food stand raises that money.

So when your club leader asks you to volunteer a couple hours of your time, we hope you look at this as an opportunity to give back to the organization that has offered so much for your family this year.

Shawano County 4H Program is on Facebook!


If you have any questions regarding 4-H Youth Development in Shawano County, please contact:



Megan Suehring 4-H Positive Youth Development Educator
Shawano County Courthouse
311 North Main Street, Room 101
Shawano, WI 54166
Phone: 715-526-4869
Fax: 715-526-4875
Terri Brunner Terri Brunner, 4-H Educator
Shawano County Courthouse
311 N Main Street, Room 101
Shawano, WI 54166-2198
Phone: 715-526-6136
Fax: 715-526-4875
Charlotte Charlotte Schwartz,  Office Assistant
Shawano County Courthouse
311 N Main Street, Room 101
Shawano, WI 54166-2198
Phone: 715-526-6136
Fax: 715-526-4875




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